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We are launching!


Hello visitors! This is our inception in August 2019, we welcomed 111 users, some of them being our team here, and we are fortunate to have 312 pageviews to date! 

Billy Wireless is a new enterprise we are launching to help make the world more wireless, more efficient, better, faster, stronger and nicer. Our goal is to get people affordable wireless charging pads and wireless power banks, because this technology is fully available and we think people need to get into the habit of having these everywhere. 

Our lives have become very smart, with billions of smartphones, smartwatches and other smart devices flying about, so we want to make sure they are always kept in full charge, whether you are in the restaurant, office, home or on the go. 

In time we will expand into all kinds of wireless gadgets and devices, but we figured it would be best to now focus on chargers specifically, because this is a passion point for us, and the devices in the market are often double the price they need to be. 

Join us as we grow, and keep your life wireless! 

Best regards
Billy Wireless